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My skin feels visibly softer and definitely a brighter glow after 2 weeks of usage of the Lucent balm.


The miracle pour serum does wonders for your menopausal skin. My large pores are minimised. Fine lines are less obvious. And more firmer skin than before.


My skin goal is to go foundation-free confidently! After 3 weeks of usage with the Miracle Pour has revealed a more even skin tone with smaller pores.


My skin became more radiant, hydrated and more elastic. Love the Lucent balm 💗


I use the miracle serum for a week, and I see that my skin glows, is more hydrated and my skin tone is more even too.


A must-have super balm! It leaves my skin soft and moisturized.


The Miracle Pour helps rejuvenate my skin, improve my fine lines, tighten my pores and make me look youthful with a radiant glow.


I am so impressed with the effectiveness of the balm. Deep cleanse my skin without stripping the skin, leaves my skin hydrated and fresh. Reduce the redness on my skin!


The Miracle Pour helped moisturise and firm my skin, reduce fine lines and give it a natural glow. An all-in-one, perfect for my hectic lifestyle. – Nicole


The lucent balm tripled up as a brightening cleanser, mask and beauty balm to aid in moisture retention and reduces overall dryness and leave my skin soft and nourished.


After using the miracle pour serum for 2 weeks, my uneven skin tone is clearer and my skin also appeared smoother and firmer and gives me an instant glow.


My skin has become brighter and smoother resulting in a more refined complexion.


For my dull skin, the miracle pour serum has brightened and made my skin more luminous.


Great skin-care product for my hyperpigmentation skin – It boosts radiance, brightens my skin and rehydrates my dull and tired skin.

Chok Fern

The miracle pour serum spreads smoothly and completely absorbs into the skin to give me a youthful glow.


My skin feels softer, brighter and looks less dull now after using the lucent balm.

Siew Sien

The miracle pour serum left my face with an instant dewy glow which I love!


I observed a smoother, brighter complexion and slightly smaller pores too. The age spots and the fine lines near my eyes lightened too. I will repurchase and continue to use it. Recommended!


I have very dry skin and the miracle pour serum gives me a dewy glow. I can skip the moisturizer since using the serum. Love that it is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free.


The miracle pour serum has brightened and improved my skin texture. My skin is more radiant, smoother and firmer.


My current skin problem is dryness and dullness. The miracle pour serum has helped clear my uneven skin tone and my texture has improved with a healthy skin glow!


I have combination skin. I love the fact that the serum is 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan. It gives me an instant glow.


The serum helps to clear my uneven skin tone, minimizes enlarged pores and improves the appearance of fine lines.


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We prioritize quality, performance, and efficacy while embracing minimalism and sustainability. Together, we make a positive impact on your skin, wellness, and our world. Plus, we plant a tree with every order.

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