MISEICO's Lucent Multi-Active Balm: A Finalist at the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2023, UK

MISEICO's Lucent Multi-Active Balm: A Finalist at the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2023, UK

Today, we're proud to spotlight our Lucent multi-active balm, which has been awarded as a Finalist at the distinguished Pure Beauty Global Awards 2023, UK.


The Pure Beauty Global Awards: An Overview

Pure Beauty Global 2023 Awards
This annual event is more than just an accolade presentation; it's where innovation, dedication, and craftsmanship in the beauty industry are celebrated. The awards recognise those who push boundaries and set new benchmarks in beauty.


Spotlight on the Lucent Multi-Active Balm

MISEICO, Lucent Brightening Multi-Active Balm

With a distinct focus on mature skin, our Lucent multi-active balm has been crafted to meet specific needs:

  1. Multifunctional Benefits: It isn't just a product; it's a 3-in-1 multitasking skincare. Whether you use it as a luminous cleanser, a radiance mask, or a rejuvenating beauty balm, the Lucent is up for the task.

  2. Embracing Nature: At a time when many products lean heavily on synthetic formulations, our balm champions the power of nature. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients with active ingredients of Licorice, Vitamin C & E, it seeks to bestow a touch of nature's radiance onto every skin it caresses.

  3. Commitment to the Earth: Our dedication isn't solely to skincare. The Lucent balm's packaging, crafted from post-consumer paper, reflects our promise of sustainable, environmentally friendly practices.


MISEICO's Mission and the Path Forward

Our aim goes beyond creating effective skincare products. At the heart of MISEICO is a mission to redefine ageing, to embrace it as a journey of empowerment, self-love, and sustainable wellness.

Earning a place as a finalist in the Pure Beauty Global Awards is both a testament to our ongoing efforts and a beacon guiding our future endeavours. It's a beautiful reminder that our commitment to redefining ageing resonates, and it propels us to continue pushing the boundaries in the world of sustainable skincare and wellness. 

To learn more about the Lucent multi-active balm, click here.

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