Meet the Maker: MISEICO

Meet the Maker: MISEICO

Meet The Maker: MISEICO.

Our founder, Michelle Chan was recently interviewed in The Green Parent magazine in England, United Kingdom.

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Here is the whole interview by The Green Parent:

Meet the Maker: MISEICO

I’m a mother of 2 amazing children from Singapore with a busy, active lifestyle. As a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in the corporate world and a self-confessed nature addict. I love everything that’s natural, including my skincare.

Starting the day early…. I like to start my morning off early to get a head start. I’m grateful enough to live near a reservoir, which means that birds chirping is my morning wake-up call. I take a holistic approach to life with a positive mindset, exercise, healthy diet and a good sleep schedule.

My minimalist pro-ageing skincare regime …. The first step is always to cleanse my skin with a vitamin C cleansing balm which leaves my skin fresh and glowing. Next, I pat on a plant stem cell treatment essence to hydrate and balance my skin. I believe healthy, glowing skin starts with a strong skin barrier and as such, I apply the MIRACLE POUR multi-active serum as my go-to product to boost cellular turnover, improve skin elasticity and combat free radical damage. I use MISEICO lift and sculpt roller to give myself a skin lift as it improves blood circulation and helps with lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxin and reduce puffiness. My final step is to use an eye cream and not forgetting the sun block. All this takes 3 minutes, and I’m done!

Daily dose of nutrients …. For me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I kickstart my day with a wholesome breakfast and a hot cordyceps tea from ZANE Elixir with a dash of lemon to boost my immune system. Supplements are a key part of my wellness routine. I also incorporate beauty supplements into my routine – including a collagen powder that boosts my skin’s health while also promoting heart, joint, and bone health. Exercising in nature has always been part of my life …. I practice breathing exercises and stretch every morning before taking my dogs together with my husband for a long walk around the reservoir. I exercise to feel mentally and physically stronger – and to help me relax and feel level-headed.

Family time …. My family is very important to me and I spend quality time as much as possible with them.

My mission is to grow MISEICO so that more 40+ age women know that their skincare needs are catered for so they feel more represented. I want them to celebrate getting older, feel confident in the skin they are in and feel reassured because our products, whilst minimalist, really work.

A goal for next year is to expand the range and get our products on the shelves of major retailers in Singapore as well as to expand into overseas markets in the UK, US and China.


  • We don’t compromise on your skin health when formulating our products. I believe women shouldn’t have to choose between health and visible results. Every product uses natural formulas that deliver results without compromising the health of your skin. Our products are where science meets nature.
  • Everything from our R&D to formulation and sustainable packaging is done in-house in our Singapore studio. We don’t outsource any of our production. We do it all to ensure everything meets the highest quality and standards. Our products are made in small batches and meticulously hand-blended with love and care. We take no shortcuts.
  • I’m proud to say I’m in my 50s and I want to champion mature women that beauty has nothing to do with age. I can identify with the struggles of mature women and relate to the pain and challenges they face. I love what I do with a passion – and it’s my mission to give mature women back their confidence. I have written a holistic guide of top 10 tips to ageing with confidence and it is available for a free download, click here