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MISEICO Announces Cruelty-Free Certification from PETA Consolidating Its Commitment as An Ethical Skincare Brand

MISEICO Announces Cruelty-Free Certification from PETA Consolidating Its Commitment as An Ethical Skincare Brand

SINGAPORE, November 25. 2020: MISEICO, a premium minimalist clean beauty company that offers sustainable skincare products is pleased to announce its cruelty-free and vegan certification from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The company’s products will now be certified by PETA which will no doubt please all animal lovers and vegans looking for ethical skincare products that do not rely on animal testing for quality and performance.

PETA has always been in the forefront of a growing movement that seeks to stamp out cruel practices such as animal testing and animal experiments. By coming under PETA’s cruelty-free and vegan certification program, MISEICO consolidates the company’s commitment to sustainable and ethical production. Proving this will be PETA's cruelty free logo that establishes the fact that no animals were harmed in producing MISEICO’s products.

MISEICO’s products are 100% natural with certified organic ingredients and researched extensively for their impact on skin health and blended to work effectively to produce the best possible results. The company is driven by a philosophy that skincare should be a sacred experience that initiates calm and mental wellbeing. Moreover, MISEICO’s ingredients are ethically sourced globally in keeping with the company’s transparency and mission to produce vegan and cruelty-free products for the world to choose a more sustainable and mindful lifestyle.  MISEICO’s products now certified by PETA will make consumers more confident and derive comfort from the fact that their skincare products are vegan and eco-friendly.

Our founder, Michelle Chan has always been obsessed with quality and efficiency and is passionate about contributing towards a cleaner beauty industry with none of the elements that impact the planet nor your health. Her mission for MISEICO is clearly reflected in her own words:

I’m dedicated to delivering the most sensorial skincare experience, crafting natural skin treats ethically and with uncompromising integrity. MISEICO applies these principles at every level of our process. We pour every effort into creating wonderful products that do wonders.

PETA is pleased to welcome MISEICO to our Global Beauty Without Bunnies Program. MISEICO will proudly takes its place on our list of more than 5,000 companies that don’t test on animals anywhere in the world.” say Amanda Nordstrom, J.D., Company Liaison for PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies Program.


MISEICO was founded by Michelle Chan, an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the corporate world. The company was established with a vision to produce high-performance minimalist skincare through ethical means. Its eco-friendly practices are maintained right from sourcing of ingredients to manufacturing and packaging, reducing its carbon footprint to a minimum. The company uses only recycled and repurposed materials in its operations and seeks to redefine how the clean beauty industry and skincare are produced to create a cleaner and better world for the future. MISEICO offers a premium sustainable skincare with smart multi-purpose formulations for all skin tones, skin types and gender. PETA Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

For more information: https://www.miseico.com/


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