MISEICO | Sustainable Self-Care Is the Key To Finding Your Balance

Sustainable Self-Care Is the Key To Finding Your Balance

Sustainable Self-Care Is the Key To Finding Your Balance

Practicing self-care is always not easy. In our daily lives' hustle and bustle, we often forget to pause and rethink the one necessity we haven't prioritized, that is to take better care of ourselves. While we battle with the inevitable jostle of our daily lives, we sometimes feel guilty about self-care. Me-time is usually last on our agenda. The pursuit of sustainable self-care is far from being selfish to find balance in health and happiness in our lives.

Why Incorporate Sustainable Self-Care To Your Daily Life?

Before we can give more to others, we have to give more to ourselves first. Self-care is as nourishing as incorporating a mindful lifestyle and as simple as self-love. Sustainable self-care on the other hand, is a realistic form of self-care that you can adapt to on a regular basis; without having to worry about affordability or time. From something as little as five minutes of me-time to something as tranquil as daily meditation, anything that brings your heart at ease from time to time amidst the chase in your busy lives and to live in the moment.

Sustainable self-care is an essential part of a lifestyle that keeps us healthy, happy and more in tune with our body and mind. Good sustainable self-care is important to help take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.  It is key to helps us find a balance in our lives to improve our mood, reduce anxiety and building a good relationship with ourselves and others.

Sustainable Self-Care Tips To Put Your Life Back In Balance

When you’re looking to plan out your sustainable self-care routine, be mindful not to add on strenuous activities that end up seeming more like a binding to-do list than an escape. Your self-care is your chance to slow down and, to begin your guiltless detour, and show yourself some self-love with these sustainable self-care tips and you’ll experience a profound impact to the time invested. 

  1. Mindfulness - Bring About Small Lifestyle Changes 

Due to the busy nature of our lives, we need to bring about small lifestyle changes by being mindful.  Begin by taking baby steps with a mindful choice to actively participate in sustainable self-care activities to help us establish and maintain a well balance lifestyle. Minor lifestyle changes to your routine can take the form of persistent good habits and in turn, help you mindfully achieve a sustainable self-care practice. Try being mindful when doing simple task from enjoying a healthier diet, try mini-relaxation, minimizing screen time to sleeping well, your body deserves it all for what it gets you through every single day. Slow down to experience the sensations to root yourself to be in the present. 

  1. Organize Your Way to Sustainable Self-Care

Generally, organizing is your first step towards the self-loving person you're about to become. While you figure out precisely what you aspire from life, you're likely to be a better version of yourself with a clearer perspective. Be it as little as journaling, pinning a calendar on the fridge or sorting your to-do list, it all counts.  Manage your time and consider your priorities and delegate or discard unnecessary tasks. 

  1. Self-Nurture

Take good care of your body and mind by practicing good health and wellness techniques. Create a beautiful ritual for yourself every day from enjoying a simple tea ritual when feeling stressed out to turning your skincare routine into a self-care ritual. We at MISEICO are passionate about helping you simplify your skincare routine into meaningful self-care rituals, with smart multi-functional skincare that support holistic skin health. Our philosophy is to extend beyond a minimalist beauty ritual with safe, pure and potent skincare designed with your busy life in mind.  It will help you create a sacred moment in your day to reconnect yourself and experience a calm moment of pure happiness. 

  1. It’s Time To Stop Feeling Guilty and Indulge on Sustainable Self-Care 

Remember, it's never selfish to make happiness a priority. Let all those "guilty" pleasures in that you have been depriving yourself of and do something nice for yourself every day. Be it a movie night with your closest friends or a self-trip, treat yourself with it all guiltlessly, and while you're at it, make sure to live in the moment, heedless of all worries. Wake up feeling blessed, go to bed being grateful.

Your sustainable self-care is your cue to pause and treasure yourself as frequently as you wish to, without any barriers in the way. By putting sustainable self-care high on the priority list, you're taking the power of self-love back in your hands, all set to watch yourself bloom.


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