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4 Practices to Bring Mindfulness into Your Busy Life

We often tend to lose ourselves in a rush to keep up with the fast-paced world. As a result, we fail to cherish even the simple pleasures of life and instill negativity in our minds which all the while, impedes us from excelling. Inculcating mindfulness in your life is essentially urging yourself to live in the moment as it unfolds. Even when one loses themselves in a rush to meet their ambitions, introducing mindfulness in life can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul. While some may expect mindfulness to be a hefty deed, it’s in fact as little as cherishing the momentary actions, and if that’s what you seek to accomplish, these ideas will get you going in the right direction.

  1. Don’t multitask 

The common belief is that multitasking will bring in more productivity and thus, better results. However, it is important to pause and question the quality of the work performed while multitasking. When you juggle multiple tasks all at once, you’re unlikely to give sufficient focus to each one of them. Without focus, it’s pretty easy for anything to go downhill. Sticking with one task at a time allows you to dive deep into it and channel your creativity out, producing the most excellent results and all the while, finding mindful moments in its duration.

  1. Take out free time

You’d be surprised the peace taking out some free time from your busy lives can bring. Occasionally, take time for yourself and stop controlling your thoughts. Feel the fresh air on your skin, listen to the wind swishing through the leaves, and immense yourself into the scene. Get rid of all distractions and in these few moments, be with yourself. Understand that taking time out for something as little as thinking while eating or amidst the breaks at work, you’re essentially bringing yourself serenity.

  1. Live in the moment

It is incredibly crucial that you adopt a momentary approach to life. Being in a constant state of worry for the future will do you no good and will only snatch the meaningfulness of the present from you. If you find yourself worrying about the future, take note of what you’re doing and bring to an abrupt end before you end up ruining your moments. Remind yourself that all your futuristic worries are merely a game played by your mind and how you function in the present has nothing to do with them.

  1. Do less

Know that you don’t need to say yes to every task that ends up on your plate; your mental health comes first. Limit the amount of work you do and instead, focus on doing it wholeheartedly. Consider your well-being before your duties and if there’s space for a “no”, go for it. The key to being mindful through minimising your workload is prioritising, and once you do that right, a mindful lifestyle will follow.

In a world where everyone is chasing one thing or the other, do take time to be mindful. Remember, the journey to a content and successful life begins with mindfulness, which can be whatever you want it to be.


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